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The extent of Adam Lanza’s abject loneliness, the depth of his scorn for the planet, his curiosity in pedophilia, his astounding checklist of daily grievances, the access of his obsession with mass murder – some of the granular specifics of the Sandy Hook shooter’s previous a long time have been elusive. More than 1,000 internet pages of documents obtained by the Hartford Courant from the Connecticut State Police, which includes hundreds of web pages of Lanza’s own writings and a spreadsheet detailing the gruesome do the job of 400 perpetrators of mass violence, deliver into sharper concentrate the dark worldview of a 20-year-old who shot his mother four instances as she slept and then killed twenty 1st-graders and 6 educators just before killing himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on Dec. Diagnosed as a child with a sensory dysfunction and delays in speech, he would exhibit a fast head for science, pcs, math and language.